Hi , peoples.

Do you need to fix your pc error urgently but you don’t have enough money as to pay for an award winning windows registry cleaner which is tested by experts to improve, decrease crashes and speed up your slow PC ?

Well , being honest I was in the same situation before so I decided to make something which would enjoy everyone.

I decided to make an Activation Key Generator for Registry Reviver , which generates full working Activation Keys.

This Activation Key Generator can generate 3 Full Working Keys per person.
This means that it will generate unique keys just for you , so you won’t get the message that your key is already used by someone else.

Screenshot of the generator :
Activation Key Generator Screenshot
I’m not one of these guys who just wants to sell you a product and make money for him self.
I just want to help other peoples because I know how it feels like when you need something urgently and you’re not able to pay for it.

I’m giving this Activation Key Generator to you for free.


The .zip archive is password protected , so once you download the activation key generator you must download another text file with the password inside.
In this way the file hosting site will not take it down and remove it.